Forms Of Payment

Great Lakes Shed Haulers accepts Cashiers Checks and Cash..

What Do We Haul

Aside from sheds, we haul slab wood, farm machinery, portable buildings and cars.

Call Us For A Quote

1- 989-429-7445 or 1-213-912-0057 Sunday thru Saturday 7am-9pm.

Trailer Sizes

Our Trailers Are 8' 6" wide and 40' long. Teamed with 2 trucks we can deliver Upper and Lower Michigan.

Our Recent Hauls

We haul just about anything that our trucks can handle.

A great haul...

Another Great Haul

Another Great Haul

Contact Us For A Quote

Please call the number to the left or fill out the form and e-mail us.

3030 South Clara Ave
Clare Michigan



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